04 April 2010

Glorification of Self-Realization

Janaka said:

Surely one who knows Self,
though he plays the game of life,
differs greatly from the world’s
bewildered burdened beasts.

Truly, the yogi feels no elation,
though he abides in the exalted state
yearned for by Indra and all the discontented gods.

Surely one who knows That,
is not touched by virtue or vice,
just as space is not touched by smoke,
though it appears to be.

Who can prevent the great soul,
who knows the universe as Self,
from living life as it comes?

Of the four kinds of beings,
from Brahma to a blade of grass,
only the sage can renounce aversion and desire.

Rare is he who knows himself
as One with no other — the Lord of the Universe.
He acts as he knows and is never afraid.