04 April 2010

Knowledge of the Self

Ashtavakra said:

A man of open intuition may realize Self
upon hearing a casual instruction,
while a man of cluttered intellect
inquires bewildered for a lifetime.

Aversion to the world’s offerings is liberation.
Attraction to the world’s offerings
is the suffering of bondage.
This is the truth.
Now do as you please.

This knowledge of Truth
turns an eloquent, wise, and active man,
mute, empty, and inert.
Lovers of the world therefore shun it.

You are not the body.
You do not have a body.
You neither do nor enjoy.
You are Awareness alone — the timeless Witness.
You are free.
Go in happiness.

Attachment and aversion are attributes of the mind.
You are not the mind.
You are consciousness itself — changeless, undivided, free.
Go in happiness.

Realize Self in All and All in Self.
Be free of personal identity
and the sense of “mine.”
Be happy.

You are That in which the universe appears
like waves appearing in the ocean.
You are consciousness itself.
No need to worry.

Have faith, my son, have faith.
You are Awareness alone, the Self, the One.
You are the Lord of Nature.

The body is made of worldly stuff.
It comes, it lingers, it goes.
The Self neither comes nor goes, yet remains.
Why mourn the body?

If the body lasts until the end of time
or perishes today,
is there gain or loss for you?
You who are pure Awareness?

Let the waves of the universe
rise and fall as they will.
You have nothing to gain or lose.
You are the ocean.

You are the substance of consciousness.
The world is You.
Who is it that thinks he can accept or reject it?
And where does he stand?

In you who are One —
immaculate, still Awareness —
from where can birth, action,
or a separate person arise?

Whatever you perceive is You and You alone.
How can bracelets, armlets, and anklets
be other than the gold they are made of?

Leave behind such distinctions as,
“I am he,” and, “I am not this.”
Consider everything Self.
Be desireless and be happy.

Your ignorance alone creates the universe.
In reality One alone exists.
There is no person or god other than You.

One who knows for certain
that the universe is illusion, a no-thing,
becomes desireless, pure Awareness,
and finds peace in the existence of nothing.

In the ocean of existence
only One is, was, and ever will be.
You are neither bound nor free.
Live content and be happy.

Do not stir the mind with “yes” or “no.”
You are pure consciousness.
Be still, and abide in the bliss of Self.

Give up completely all contemplation.
Hold nothing in the mind or heart.
You are the Self, forever free.
Of what use is thinking to you?